Area 52 Safety Paintball Briefing / Rules

  1. Everyone must fill out a waiver and SIGN IN on the log sheet.
  2. No throwing paintballs.
  3. Mask must be on before you step onto the field or chrono area.
  4. Shoot only at targets on the field.
  5. No shooting over the nets or property boundaries.
  6. No shooting Area 52 signs, Refs, Lights, Buildings, Cars, etc...
  7. Barrel Blocking Devices are to be used.
  8. Barrel Socks must be used.
  9. No barrel plugs allowed.
  10. Barrel Socks are to be on your gun at all times, unless you are on the field playing.
  11. If you are hit and the paintball does not break you are NOT OUT (always check).
  12. If you are hit and the paintball breaks you ARE OUT (even a teammate’s paintball).
  13. If you call yourself out, you are out (even if you don’t find a break on your way out).
  14. Once you are out, put barrel sock on, raise your hands and gun above your head, and leave the field while yelling “OUT!”
  15. There is no returning to the field. Once you leave the field you are out of that game.
  16. Your mask must be on before you step onto the field or Chrono area.
  17. Area 52 is not responsible for your belongings.
  18. You must Chrono your gun below 280 fps before playing, with three consistent shots below 280 fps.
  19. No crossing the creek, you can walk in the creek, however being on the other bank of the creek is the same as leaving the field and you will be called out.
  20. No shooting animals, including the horses. If you do the police will be called.
  21. Clean up after yourself: pick up your garbage.
  22. No shooting anyone within 10 feet! No running up to get a bang kill. The only way to get someone out is by breaking a paintball on them.
  23. No bunkering during recreational play.
  24. Drugs or alcohol will not be allowed.
  25. Foul language will not be tolerated.
  26. No climbing on bunkers, unless it was built to be climbed on.
  27. Do not move anything on the field.
  28. Your mask must be on and remain on before you step onto the field or chrono area.
  29. If you find something that does NOT belong on the field let one of the refs know.
  30. If you need assistance, take cover and call for a ref.
  31. Never, ever, under any circumstance, take off your mask on the playing field.
  32. Do NOT remove tanks or hoppers off of rental guns. If your gun has an issue take cover CALL REF or take to a member of the staff if not on field.
  33. No blind shooting (always aim for a target and see where you are shooting).
  34. Newbie’s: Do not pick on the new or younger players.
  35. Overshooting: If you break more than 3 balls on another player, you are eliminated.
  36. Cease fire immediately when the ref yells, honks, beeps, yells stop, etc...
  37. Shooting Hot: If the ref asks you to chrono; you leave the game immediately and do so, no questions asked.
  38. Paint Checks: If you think you hit an opposing player and they do not call themselves out, call for a PAINT CHECK. You must be able to tell the REF where your hit was located. While a player is being checked, that player will then be invincible until check is over. 
  39. No players may advance on the player being checked,
  40. The player that CALLED PAINT CHECK can not move, reload, squeegee, etc. Until the ref makes the final decision. The rest of the game will not stop.